General and Restorative Dentistry in Bethlehem, PA

Composite Fillings

Fillings are the most common treatment for small to medium-sized cavities. When placing a filling, Dr. Tunney will clean out your tooth to eliminate all bacteria and damaged dental tissue. Placing the filling itself will strengthen your weakened tooth and prevent further damage. 

Metal fillings have been used for over two centuries, but modern composite offers important health and aesthetic benefits. This material comes in several natural shades, so Dr. Tunney can choose one that matches your teeth. Unlike metal fillings, composite will never show through your tooth or compromise the look of your smile. Furthermore, composite is 100% mercury-free, and it requires less tooth preparation and tissue removal.

Root Canal Therapy

If your cavity worsens and your tooth becomes infected, you will likely need root canal therapy. During this treatment, Dr. Tunney will remove damaged tissue both from your tooth and from the root canals. Then, after reshaping the outside of your tooth, he will attach a dental crown. Our crowns are custom-made from highly lifelike materials, so your restoration will harmonize beautifully with your smile. 

Root canals have a reputation for being very unpleasant. But, in reality, the procedure involves minimal discomfort. Thanks to local anesthesia, most people experience little more than a mild sense of pressure. Plus, if desired, we can perform your root canal in-house for more convenient and efficient care.

Inlay & Onlay Restorations 

Inlays and onlays are larger than fillings but smaller than dental crowns. If you have a large cavity, this treatment may be appropriate. Both inlays and onlays fit on top of the chewing surfaces of molars. Onlays cover the entire top surface, while smaller inlays fit inside the cusps. 

To place an inlay or onlay, Dr. Tunney will remove all damaged tissue and take impressions of your tooth. These impressions will go to a lab, where technicians will create your restoration. Though both inlays and onlays can be made of metal, tooth-colored materials will match your smile. Once the restoration is complete, Dr. Tunney will bond it to your tooth. Preparation and attachment for inlays and onlays involves minimal discomfort. 

Bite Guards

Do you wake up with jaw pain, headaches, sores on your tongue, or sensitive teeth? If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you are likely grinding your teeth while you sleep. A bite guard can reduce teeth grinding (also known as bruxism). Treating bruxism will not only ease your discomfort. It can also minimize the damage due to chronic teeth grinding. This damage can include enamel erosion, hairline fractures, and a general weakening of your teeth. 

You can purchase premade bite guards. But a custom guard from your dentist will fit more securely for enhanced comfort and effectiveness. Dr. Tunney will take impressions of all your teeth to ensure a near-perfect fit and a good night’s sleep.

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